Yes to YAYA

YAYA is eggs in Serbian. Greek too, maybe? The owner is Greek, I was told. Danica taught me to say bacon y yaya. Neither of us know the Serbian word for bacon.

Danica and I have often wondered about the place, when we have passed the sign.

Peter Bartosh and I popped in for lunch today, with pleasing results. I had the standard YAYA breakfast (two free-range eggs, bacon. organic bread and hash browns. $12). Peter wanted gluten-free and got the Vegan Benedict. ($14)

“Take a picture,” said the gentleman in a dark suit and tie, when he presented our plates.

The coffee is good, too. YAYA. On Queen East near Jones, in Leslieville

4 thoughts on “Yes to YAYA”

  1. Yes, Joni. Danica says you have it. We were surprised to learn that “slanina” means bacon in Czech. In Serbian it seems to mean something more like “salted pork” or “ham”. Danica’s mom was Czech, so we will go with “slanina”.

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