Year of the Rooster starting well

In an earlier post, I mentioned some drawings by Carole Milon I had seen at a recent Gerrard Art Space show. I liked the 4 pieces in her Elemental Series and one in particular called “Earth”.

Carole Milon, Earth, Elemental Series, 2016, graphite

The show was down before I could return but GAS facilitated a meeting with the artist, so Danica and I could buy the drawing. We met Carole at a local coffee house, had a great chat and took our little artwork home. We are delighted with it.

I was bashful about asking Carole for a photo of the three of us, not wanting to put her on the spot, so I settled for a snapshot of the Rooster Coffee House. Better, I thought, to just give you a link to Carole’s online presence. She says she will be making a site exclusively for her art and when I have it, I’ll be sure to put that link up, too.

2 thoughts on “Year of the Rooster starting well”

  1. Bill, what a welcome surprise to share our delightful meeting on your blog. A great boost to my presence as an artist and a glimmer of light in the dull days of February. Thank you!

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