Wouldn’t you know it …

The idea was to celebrate Canada’s 150th, using the 506 streetcar line as a unifying symbol. So the TTC pulls the streetcars to do work on the route and substitutes boring buses.

Never mind. Karen Franzen’s concept is still intact and her fellow creatives continue to support it. The 506 line ties Toronto’s east and west together, sometimes in a rickety, ad hoc way, but hey, we’re still together.

Gerrard Art Space (GAS) has a 506 show on now.

Grace Law’s large banner collage is one of the pieces we liked best. It’s full of personal history and, at the same time, the content is familiar to all 506 riders.

Click here for a bigger image.

From the Artist’s Statement:
“I have lived at both ends of the line since early childhood, and currently find myself taking it to work and home every day.”

Here is Grace Law’s Facebook page on the project.

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