Woodbine Park’s bronze tree

Detail, Circle of Trees by Laurie McGugan, 2000

I knew it was there somewhere, but was looking on the pond side of the park. It’s over on the western, Coxwell side. The images can be tap/clicked to enlarge.

Laurie McGugan’s sculpture includes the bronze tree and 6 living trees in a ring. The circle is meditative and conceptual, but I will leave it to the artist to tell you about that.

For my part, I find the piece much stronger conceptually than visually. The bronze looks like a dead tree, after all, in great detail, because it was cast from the real thing. The strengths outweigh this niggle, in my opinion.

Looking south, near the Coxwell and Eastern corner of the park.

First, it does make you think … and look, if you notice that it’s there. Second, it brings more real trees to the park … and even saved them. The planted trees were not thriving. If they had not been part of an art work, would have been nursed back to health? The technical casting skill is admirable, too. It’s much bigger and taller than I expected it to be.

This really could have used a designer.

The plaque, if I’m generous, gets a C–.

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