Will it make any difference?

What do you think? When large parts of Toronto move to default speed limits of 30 km/hr on side streets, will motorists slow down? I’d like to think so, but I don’t believe it.

If the idea is to make the removal of many side street stop signs possible, because drivers moving at slower speeds can responsibly move through intersections cautiously, I’m for that. In fact, from what I see that’s the status quo. Rolling stops are the norm and few people seem to go 40 on narrow, single lane side streets anyway. It’s just too fast and it feels too fast.

Sure, there are some who drive at 40 and they would have little chance of stopping for a kid or pet that darted out from between parked cars. These same people are the ones who blow through stop signs as if they weren’t there. Would they be worse if the stop signs were gone? I don’t know.

Maybe the speed limit change is a “Futile Gesture”.