Why is she selling it, then?

The filmmaker boyfriend (now upgraded to fiance 🙂 ) made the commercial to help his lady sell her 21 year-old Honda Civic.

After going viral, bids climbed to $150,000 before the auction weirdness was kiboshed by Ebay and reset to saner levels.

Our old Maxima has similar mileage and is a couple of years younger. Maybe we should keep it and go riding on hairpin curves along the coast.

3 thoughts on “Why is she selling it, then?

  1. Good spot. Highlights a bunch of popular features in a friendly, persuasive way. I’ve made worse commercials with 1000 times the budget. He had one advantage though; no committee.

  2. Good point about commitees. They are VERY costly. Also, today’s guy can get a cheap drone shot without renting a helicopter, can edit on his laptop without an interfering art director and expensive studio time, and the talent was free, presumably.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the double email notifications. I’ll try to correct that, at once.

  3. Hey! I’ve got a 2002 Honda Accord with less than a hundred thousand clicks on it.
    It runs great and won’t let me go near a gas-station for love nor money.


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