What would Toronto be without its trees?

From a friend’s 8th floor balcony, you’d think Toronto’s east side had one apartment building and a smoke stack. The tree canopy shades our streets and cleans our air.


To be honest, there is a lot of ugly in our city, but the urban forest covers up many human errors. The more trees, the nicer the neighbourhood.

Our geography is quite featureless. Except for wonderful ravines below the horizon, the land doesn’t have much shape at all.

Our architecture is mostly dull, practical and economical, not beautiful. Our roads are congested and many are in bad shape.  Telephone poles, hydro lines and cellphone towers abound. Stripped of its lush, green covering, Toronto would be a pretty sorry sight.


Let’s remember this when falling branches whack parked cars and take out the power lines we should be putting underground. Toronto’s trees are her most distinctive physical attribute. Visitors marvel at them and we should too.