What now?

Building permits on this long-empty space describe the Project Development as “Other”. It was supposed to open last October as a 2,000+ seat live music venue. So now what’s happening?

1661 Queen Street East, between Coxwell and Kingston Road.

This rather unattractive strip of street was installed when the old horse racing track was demolished. I don’t know if it can be “enlivened” with music, but it sure could use some English Ivy.

An off-track betting venue called “Champions” is a vestige of racetrack days.

These blocks looked worse when the horse stadium turned its back to Queen Street. Here’s the stadium as we remember it, on the left side of the photo.

I used to see line-ups of losers waiting for the streetcar and a few winners hailing cabs.

I still can’t believe that, when the city gave the racetrack over to developers, it didn’t make them put them utility lines underground, at least along these blocks. What a wasted opportunity.

Utility pole and wires still there. Inset: A classic pose

I laughed when I noticed the inset detail … that long-suffering pose called “Watching for a streetcar to come”.