What is she doing?

All the while I was trying to figure out what the icon lady was doing and what that receptacle could be that she is bending over, a clue was staring me in the face. The grafitti! Somebody has blackened out the baby’s head.

A greater mystery is the self-cleaning toilet itself. I did a post about it when it was new, but for a long time since then, it has been out of order. No advertiser is paying for space on the big poster frame, even though it faces the Woodbine Beach parking lot. High traffic.

Research reveals that this Mayor Miller era installation was paid for by Astral Media. They were also going to maintain it, but then Bell acquired Astral so who knows who owns the “public” washroom now. I’ve written Toronto 311 to find out more.

Answers have arrived.

The automated public toilet is still owned by Astral Media. They are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of this street furniture. During the winter months the APT is shutdown; the fluctuating temperatures cause water pipe damage. The APT will be re-opened in mid-April, depending on weather. The APT will not be removed, it is simply closed for the winter months. There are currently have 3 APT’s located across Toronto. This one, another located at Rees St & Queens Quay E, and another located at Lakeshore Blvd E & Net Dr (near Argonaut Rowing Club).

A link for more about Toronto “street furniture” was also provided.

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