What are the green posts for?

A long row of these tall posts stands along the ridge of the park on Broadview Avenue.

The green colour should have been a clue, but it didn’t click for me until I had the answer. Credit for the answer goes to Peter Bartosh, who found a city worker on the sidewalk and asked.

I will put the answer in a comment, in case you want to guess … or maybe you already know.

From the green pipe ridge … how Broadview got its name.

See the CN Tower, tucked in behind the bank towers? Let’s zoom in.

The pod on the CN Tower holds a revolving restaurant.

Can’t quite see what they are having for lunch.

Sony HX80, max zoom

2 thoughts on “What are the green posts for?”

  1. There are many other green pipes sticking out of Toronto, often wider and with tops curved into a hook shape. They are painted the same colour of green and I knew that the fatter tubes are for methane release. So are the tall skinny pipes along Broadview.

    Apparently, the park was once a garbage dump and it is still off-gassing as the garbage rots.

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