Waterfront: Some good bits

Not even concrete obsessed builders can completely undo the fact that waters’ edges offer pleasure. The best things we saw today are not new, but the wave decks are nice. Trees may soften the the environment some day. Attempts are being made to plant them so that they can grow for more that 5 to 7 years before dying.

The first slide shows a freighter unloading beside Sugar Beach. The last slide is a view of the old waterslide at Ontario Place, a derelict that has been closed for years.

The tall, fibreglass umbrellas at HTO Beach are a success. People can watch airplanes come and go from the nearby airport. Noise levels are generally very high, especially truck and construction equipment noise. Some will say that a big city is supposed to be noisy, but for me it’s a negative in parks and recreational areas.

1 thought on “Waterfront: Some good bits

  1. Bicycle is the best way to cover the waterfront. Didn’t know about HTO park even though I’ve seen the yellow umbrellas from high atop the CN Tower. It’s very nice but Sugar Beach with their pink umbrellas is much nicer – especially the view – more water less airport.
    I really enjoyed the day!

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