Walking in the city: Obsolete

Walking may be an economical way to get around, but it’s uneconomic. Pedestrians are getting a free ride, so to speak. They are not contributing much to our consumer society.

Bot brings new shoes to your door. Try on, replace in bot, return to sender.

Besides, the world’s richest man needs the sidewalks for his delivery bots. Of course, competitors will need space, too. Freeloading pedestrians will have to get out of the way.

Walking is still effective during subway breakdowns, but otherwise unproductive.

Where will walkers go? Perhaps to tracks in dedicated zones, similar to dog parks. Who cares, really. Walking is unnatural in urban spaces.

On their way home, to receive their deliveries.

Like sidewalk construction and maintenance, regulation and enforcement will be a public responsibility. There will be some who want to mug the delivery bots, some who will try to ride on them and mischievous children will obstruct them by teasing their sensors. Research is still being done to prevent terrorists, malcontents and business competitors from planting unwanted devices on innocent bots.

3 thoughts on “Walking in the city: Obsolete”

  1. I trust it’s obvious that my tongue is firmly in my cheek. I am a big fan of walking … one of those 10,000 steps a day nuts.

    Can you believe the gall of people who expect to use our public infrastructure for their own private gain? The same greedy mentality is clogging our congested streets with wage-slave Uber drivers.

    • Walking is more and more popular here. People smile.

      I wanted to mention an inspiring moment when a child in Florida had autism troubles at a theme park. Jen Whelchel lay down next to him and helped him breathe. She told him it was ok to be sad. The boy hugged her after.
      A wonderful story that made my day. Crowds may contain a hero.

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