View from Dara’s balcony

I forgot my camera, so this is an iPad snapshot

That’s the Detroit River, with the Canada/U.S. border running along its centre. Detroit is on the other side. Danica and I are in Windsor, enjoying a nice family gathering. Dara is one of the clan. We are staying with her sister Andja, who makes us feel very much at home and feeds us well. 

We even got to see Danica’s sister Anna and Thorne, who have flown in from Victoria to attend a wedding.

There’s a lot to like about Windsor. The pace is a little slower than in Toronto, people are a bit more relaxed and friendly and the scale of things isn’t too huge. The city produces good women for marrying, too.

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  1. Detroit River is very pretty, and I still like Detroit city even though a lot of it is no longer very pretty.

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