Via Rail: Windsor to Toronto

  Windsor Station iPad shot. Post made enroute.

Main attraction: Low price seniors ticket … 50 bucks. That pretty much covers the attractions. Seats: Uncomfortable. Ride: Bumpy. A cushion of some kind is a must. I have improvised one with a rolled up shirt I had in my satchel. 

Well, there is wifi … barely. It’s good enough to listen to podcasts and even watch some YouTube. Signal strength for downloads measures under 1 Mbps, often far under. There is an outlet under window seats for laptop power.

The trip is scheduled to take 4 hours and 6 minutes and we are only 15 minutes late. I got used to the discomforts after the first hour or so, so I’ll rate the service  Not Great But Adequate.

1 thought on “Via Rail: Windsor to Toronto

  1. I’ve taken the Smiths Falls/Toronto train many times. I don’t recall the seats being that bad but everything else rings a bell. They were always late. I think it’s a matter of pride not to get there on time.

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