One short year ago, once-upon-a-time schoolmate Crawf was visiting us with his wife Ulli. This morning, we received Crawf’s message from their home in Victoria, British Columbia. Ulli has died after years of treatment for cancer that proved fatal in her 71st year.

Dear friends Crawf and Ulli, with Danica in the middle. Toronto, June, 2017

There is nothing to say, except that we admire the way Ulli handled her illness, with such grace, courage and consideration for her loved ones and her caregivers. There is nothing to say, except that we are deeply moved by the way Crawf stepped up to provide support, not just for Ulli, but for all of us … the many, many of us … who were part of Ulli’s journey.

There is nothing to say, but there are words. Gracious, elegant, intelligent, creative, principled, stylish, serious and light-hearted. Goodbye, Ulli. We love you.

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