Truth and Reconciliation at Notre Dame

Danica is very glad to have attended, but I missed out because of another commitment. Students and staff of local Notre Dame High School created a moving, dramatic performance as part of their “Journey to Reconciliation” with Indigenous peoples.

Bear Standing Tall starts off the slide show of Danica’s photos. I’ve met and talked with him before, at one of our neighbour Natalie’s workshops.

School principal Jolanta Hickey is a longtime friend. We are proud of her and her team.

In addition to the auditorium performance, you’ll see walls lined with birch trees. These identify a new area of the school library that will remain as a continuing reminder of our abuses of First Nations and Inuit people, but also our intention to build respectful relationships now, and into the future.

Elder Bob and Bear Standing Tall were on hand to help dedicate the space. Local politicians, federal and provincial, also attended.

Appropriate snacks provided by Tea‘N’Bannock, a local restaurant serving “A Taste of Aboriginal Canada”.

2 thoughts on “Truth and Reconciliation at Notre Dame”

  1. Thank you for the photos D. Stories and words matter!

    I just finished reading Canada Reads book yesterday that moved me deeply.
    The Marrow Thieves
    by Cherie Dimaline

    A world in the future where the only people still able to dream are North America’s Indigenous people.

    Mii go anwe

  2. What a creative production delivering a powerful message through song, dance & multi-media. I wanted to take discreet photos but sitting front row, centre the action was right in front of me and I was totally involved and mesmerized!

    I was surprised and honoured to be invited as a special guest and received a remembrance tote which included fragrant sage for smudging and home-made cedar tea, delicious and beautifully packaged. Thank you to the students & staff of Notre Dame.

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