Toronto Doors Open: Saturday

Today’s visit to the Aga Khan Museum was about seeing the new(ish) bulding and grounds, not viewing art exhibits. the slides will show you much of what we saw. Pattern is everywhere of course, and much emphasis on skylights, reflecting surfaces shadows.

The Ismaili Centre next door serves as a social gathering place as well as a place for religious activity. Shoes off in the prayer area, please. Similar to the Hindu Temple in this regard. Danica went in for a look while I held her sandals outside in the lobby. No photography prayer area, but there was a picture on display at the next place we visited, so I snapped it.

Our third and last Doors Opened into the Ontario Association of Architects headquarters. I was pleased to learn, from a volunteering intern, that the eye-catching steel superstructure on the roof is functional, not merely decorative. The trusses permit spanning of a large, open space within, without supporting posts.

A special display of award-winning and notable feats of architecture in Ontario lined the main reception area. Most designs were international in character and would not have been out of place anywhere. One structure, inspired by an indigenous longhouse was an exception. Geese patrol outside on the grounds.