The Walkers dropped in from Victoria

walkers-andersens-budapestPhoto by Kaitlin

Crawf and Ulli (right) took us for dinner at the Budapest Restaurant (thank you both) and it wasn’t until after they left the next day that I realized how perfect their meal choice had been. Gypsy steaks. You see, the Walkers have been constant travellers for the past few years, following their growing family across Canada, from Nova Scotia, to Ontario, to Alberta, to British Columbia and even to Korea.

I’ve known Crawf since high school days. He and Ulli are fun to be with and endlessly interesting conversationalists. We love their company, even when they are just flying by.

The gypsy steaks, BTW, were pronounced delicious, covered in onions and mushrooms. Danica and I were happy, too, with our wiener schnitzel choices.

1 thought on “The Walkers dropped in from Victoria

  1. Thanks for a lovely dinner Crawf & Ulli, so glad you could do a stop over from Victoria! Great company and always lots to catch up on…

    BTW I had The Budapest’s wiener schnitzel and brought half of it home. I will try that gypsy steak next time – without the breading I will save a ton of calories and get all those delicious mushrooms & onions instead. Must ask them why it doesn’t come with a side of beets as do the breaded entrees.

    The menu item that would bring me back to The Budapest in a flash is the Chestnut Puree with Whipped Cream !!Heaven!! and rich enough to share with everyone…

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