The Great Short Turn of 1978

For out-of-towners, a short-turn happens (all too frequently) when a streetcar is diverted from its appointed route. Grumbling customers have to get off and wait for another car. The biggest losers are those who had seats. They will probably be standees on the next, already full car.

A jumble of sarcastically named “Red Rockets” tangles traffic around mythical Gerald Street South.

Only in the minds of mural makers Andrew Horne and Rob Elliott could a short-turn ever be described as “great”, but there it is, on the Flying Pony mural map. I love the little tail of cars stuck behind the streetcar, in the dreaded Zone of Immobility. Toronto drivers will do anything to get out of this zone, as some pedestrians would testify, if they were not already dead.

The You Are Here sign is artist Horne’s Zen reminder for his customers, appearing most noticeably on the side of the gallery/café.

Big east wall mural, in progress in October, 2017