The evening duo at GAS

First up at the Gerrard Art Space last night was Jerry Leger, pronounced like so …

 I knew him only as the guy who sells me stuff at Home Hardware. His sets blew me away. Who knew?


He performed with acoustic guitar and without a mic on a perfect summer evening, for a small, enthusiastic crowd. His directness and simplicity of means was very refreshing.

I’m probably not supposed to do this, but I can think of no better way to let you hear Jerry’s singing voice and his accomplished guitar-playing.

Here’s a sample from the Early Riser CD I purchased: Bad Ole Dog

 The second part of the duo, Tim Cameron is T.C. FolkPunk, also an able performer who succeeded without a mic, noting that it had been many years since he sang without one. His guitar was electric , as you see.


The two artists are friends and mutual supporters, T.C. being the senior who sees Jerry Leger as his “little brother”. The evening was laid-back, informal, altogether delightful and very entertaining.

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