The art of Leslie Barns

Following newsletters about the Leslie Barns streetcar facility, I noticed differences between the email header art and what appeared to be developing.


So I wrote and asked about the prison-like walls and all those pipes sticking into the air. A reply arrived a couple of days later.

leslie-barns-header-cornerThe shot I took two days ago at Leslie and Lakeshore.

Nothing was said about all the pipes, but the wall “is [a] sound barrier wall required to meet Ministry of the Environment noise limit requirements.” You hear that? It’s for NOISE REDUCTION. I am not comforted. How much noise are they going to make in there?

Note that the wall will reduce noise, not contain it, but the reply went on to “note that the noise reduction wall is far from complete. The wall will include decorative features such as a red panel design and greenery”.




How clever Pablo Picasso was when he said,”Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”

2 thoughts on “The art of Leslie Barns

  1. Makes those sky high Porter overflights seem almost irrelevant. The barns shouldn’t be there in the first place.

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