Still trying for those red-wings

Best effort first: This female must have seen what I was doing because she sat patiently while I tooled around trying to see her in the reflections of my sun-blanked view screen. Without her vanity, I never would have gotten even this shot.


The male decided he’d better keep and eye on his lady, so he perched high on a rush and surveyed the scene. Not much detail, but his handsome shoulder patch shows well. Maybe I’ll have better luck on an overcast day.


There are quite a few red-winged blackbirds around Woodbine Pond. They are NOT hard to find, but they move quickly and constantly.

3 thoughts on “Still trying for those red-wings

  1. We do keep thinking about Point Pelee, Brian. Maybe this will be the year Danica and I pay a visit. Of course Danica has been before, as a girl who grew up in Windsor. I have never been.

  2. If you go, Abby was wondering if she could tag along. After bird watching you can all go to Tunnel BBQ. Jack Newby’s fave.

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