Still a “babe” at 60

The Hickeys invited us to help celebrate Jolanta’s birthday last night. That’s Brian Hickey BBQing excellent ribs.


Centre shot: left to right: Garden nymphs Cheryl, Sonia, Danica and Jolanta

Jolanta has always been the “baby” in her circle of friends, so she got a lot of “welcome to the club” greetings for her 60th birthday. Youthful appearance aside, she is a woman of serious accomplishments, having created internationally celebrated string orchestras, gained certification as a Master Gardener and most recently, completed her Master’s Degree (while teaching full time) before her appointment as Principal of a high school.

Music is Jolanta’s major skill and passion, but she’s good at anything she tackles, including gourmet cooking. Lucky to know her? Yes, we are.

5 thoughts on “Still a “babe” at 60

  1. The garden where the nymphs are gathered is a small part of the Hickey back yard, where Master Gardener Jolanta has created a park. The variety of plants, trees and shrubs is very pleasing, all Jolanta’s own handiwork.

  2. You are so kind Mr. Andersen! The photos are great (as usual) and the garden nymphs are beautiful. And remember, no matter how old I get, I’ll always be “the baby”!

  3. My highlight was the chocolate cake brought by master procurer Donna. Well done! Had a large frozen piece last night with ice cream. Great cake when fridge temp and also great when frozen.

  4. We found the same thing, Brian. The cake is best when it’s cold out of the fridge. I learned to have smaller pieces, too. It doesn’t take a lot of that cake to be quite satisfied!

  5. Happy 60th Birthday to Jolanta! Looks like a wonderful night of celebration with good friends and good food!

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