Software glitch: Cannot publish images

My site went down, came back and now I can’t publish pictures. Hacked?

My Jetpack WordPress plugin sent me automated messages saying my site was down, then back up and that it had been out for 18 minutes.


 Hostpapa (that’s him, snoozing) is oblivious to what happened. A Help ticket has not resulted in a reply after many hours.

UPDATE: For no apparent reason, the publishing function has returned to normal. My extensive tests have no turned up any malware and I may never find out what happened.

All seems to be working correctly now, so time to move on.

4 thoughts on “Software glitch: Cannot publish images

  1. No doubt you’ve been hacked by Portia, the Greek Goddess of small jet planes. I don’t blame her.

  2. I should have suspected Porter Airlines at once, but forgot all about the company … as we all should. But you are right. They are sneaky tunnel borers and could very well have drilled through my defences.

  3. LOL. You ARE biased. Score should be Brian: 2. I just piggy-backed on his original. imaginative idea. Creating Portia was really clever.

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