Snapshots and the visual arts

The Incredible Hulk demanded that I take his picture before I could go into the Gerrard Art Space. Actually, I was supposed to be in the picture with him, because he was a prop for selfies, erected as an attraction at the South Asian Festival.

Yeah, I didn’t know he was South Asian, either.

Anyway, I did get into the art space to look at the current show, loosely themed around the notion of “Home”. There are 16 artists represented. Lots of variety, mostly mixed media pieces.

Danica was immediately drawn to Dana Green’s Spirit Dwells Inn, a more or less life size figure made of wire mesh, attached to a rough 2×4 frame. The appeal was in the innards … a shell, bird’s nest and mousetrap in the head, for example.

A snapshot doesn’t capture a piece like this. It really wants to be seen in person. A perfect exhibition piece, in this respect.

Another of Danica’s favourites was easier to photograph … Susan Aaron’s Spritz of Joy, but that raises a question. Just because I can take a snapshot, as we all can now, with our phones, should I?

Unsure about reproducing the artist’s whole piece, I decided to show only a close-up detail and leave it to you to go see the complete composition.

Danica related to these colourful squares, partly because they reminded her of quilting.

GAS has an upcoming Puppet Show (August 2nd to 21st, Reception Thursday August 3rd 6pm-9pm). 1475 Gerrard Street East