Small works make sense


Danica and I went into the gallery at 1475 Gerrard Street to enjoy Noreen Mallory’s show. It struck me that the small sizes of most of the pieces were perfect for the relatively small houses in Toronto. Big houses in the suburbs offer large walls, but not so in the city core. Modern condo spaces are even smaller and outer walls are glass. Mallory’s little encaustic gems will fit nicely where larger pieces would not.

The rich textures and colours of Mallory’s encaustics and collages offer tactile and visual pleasures that reproductions cannot. They are modestly priced, too. Three or four hundred dollars for real, original one-of-a-kind art is a bargain.

Other artists in the G.A.S. collective are represented by similarly affordable pieces at the back of the gallery. We liked what we saw, especially an assemblage by Debby Wong.