Shoppers and Shoppers

Our first shoppers are Kathy and Danica, posing with a nifty Mini convertible Kathy spotted in Bloor West Village when we met for lunch today. We left the car behind and went to our annual get-together in remembrance of Paul Royko, Kathy’s husband and my business partner. Paul died at the tender age of 52, seventeen years ago already.


Our second Shoppers is Shoppers Drug Mart, although it looks like the old Runnymede Theatre in the golden age of neighbourhood movie houses.


To it’s credit and advantage, Shoppers has restored and preserved the glamorous plaster work adorning the old dream palace. The sloping aisles are still there, as is the ticket booth. Remember the way the lobby floor used to slope up as you entered? It still does.

The store is perfectly functional as a modern pharmacy, but what an added touch of nostalgic atmosphere when you look up! Even the curtain-framed screen remains in play, displaying projected slides of old neighbourhood photos and contemporary product promotions. Well done, Shoppers.

1 thought on “Shoppers and Shoppers

  1. A great afternoon, always fun hanging out with Kathy.

    The Runnymede Shoppers Drug Mart is amazing. I thought the previous owners (Indigo/Chapters) did a very good job of preserving the the old theatre but now it literally sparkles with mirrors, back-lit displays and cosmetic counters. Escalators take you up to the pharmacy level, which would have been the balcony seating (Kathy refers to it as ‘the loges’ a term I did not know).

    The bright blue ceiling has wisps of clouds passing overhead as if you were outside. Great use of projection technology, wonder how they do it?

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