Shhhhhh! Grumbels has seating!

One of the nice things about having a blog with few (but excellent) readers is that I can share finds without overpublicizing them. Away in the back of the Grumbels German deli and baked goods store, you can have a nice cup of coffee at one of a few cozy, lamp-lit tables, surrounded by curiosities.


From the outside, and even the deli counter inside, you might completely miss the dark little cubbyholes at the back. Frantzy (spelling?) the proprietor says she has “many intellectuals” as regulars … doctors, psychologists … and quiet pensioners, too, who come in when cheques arrive and the luxury of coffee with some nice baked goods are possible. Rowdies are not welcome.

I was delighted with the place and will return with Danica soon. There are far too many old photos, bits of kitsch, antiques and marvels to describe. And this is only part of what once was! Grumbels has a long history in the East End, having moved up from Queen East some 17 years ago. The Queen store was much larger and only part of the collection could fit into the Main and Danforth place.

Here’s a link for location and more information. Google searches will reveal more stories, but many of the entries misspell the name as “Grumble’s”.  Can’t resist showing you a bit more of the atmosphere …