Shaman of Shape

I enjoyed a visit to Gord Smith’s studio/condo today, sorting out some email problems on his iPad and getting a look at his ever-changing collection of art objects.

Everywhere you look … sculptures, paintings, drawings, constantly being rearranged and changed.

Today I saw these variations in cube/tetrahehron pieces; maquettes for much larger pieces. It’s astonishing how many works of art Gord Smith can wring out of just these two shapes.

Left: A maquette is progress that plays with different finishes. It still has green masking tape on it.

Gord told me there’s an event to know about coming up on June 21st at the Emily Harding Gallery. I went to the website for information and found a surprise.

Clip taken from the Emily Harding Gallery website’s background video.

Here is the Emily Harding URL with the whole intro video. I enlarged Danica and me in my little clip. We are pleased to be seen at one of the shows there. It was the Full Circle show last November, featuring work by Gord Smith, Sylvia Singer and Robert Downing.

I found no info about the June 21st event, so I rely on Gord to fill me in.