Set theory explains two worlds

This Venn diagram will help me remember distinctions often carelessly overlooked.


Brian explains that he and Ralph (see post below) are both Car Guys and Race Guys but that “Most car guys don’t have a clue about racing”.

Racing Guys like listening to this kind of sound, Brian adds:

The engines are methanol powered, 410 cubic inch, small block V8’s used exclusively in World of Outlaws Sprint Cars. Best heard loud. — BPH

2 thoughts on “Set theory explains two worlds

  1. I just want to clarify that those fuel injected, high compression beauties are idling, in the audio clip. I’d be more than happy to supply alternate audio of Outlaw Sprint cars under full power should any of your readers request such.

  2. I would be happy to add the full power sound below the idling sound, if you’ll email it to me, Brian.

    BTW, I took some go kart shots today, down on Cherry Street. If they look any good I’ll put one or two in another post.

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