Scoring shwarmas at Al Premium

Brian and I give them a very high rating and we have reasons. I speak for the beef today, because I bought chicken last time. Brian wanted to try the new falafel model. Falafel left, beef right. One bite gone, to show inside.


First, of course, is taste. Definite winners, both, on that count. They also win on price. $8.99 for 2. Amazing! Healthy choices? You should see the variety of veggies that are piled into the pita pockets. They have got to be good for you.

What we especially like about the Al Premium shwarmas, we agreed, is the way they are put together, wrapped and then heat-sealed in a little oven. Shwarmas are sometimes a drippy mess to eat, with the wrapper getting soggy and falling apart. Not these. They are a nice size, not too huge, but big enough to satisfy. They are moist but not soaking and the way they are seared shut really works. They are easy and pleasant to enjoy.