Runt Report

Alex “Runt” Currie is well along in his painting of the Lenswork mural.


Once all of the colour areas have been filled in, the figures will be outlined in black, cartoon-style. This should make the colours pop a bit more, close up. From a distance it will tone things down a bit, but will pull the whole design together, too.

I wonder if Runt will cover the building right up to the roofline. Personally, I hope he leaves some of the white space at the top, more or less where it is now … maybe a bit higher on the front. Time will tell.

Doesn’t it look as though the building is getting a tattoo?

1 thought on “Runt Report

  1. I like the idea and I agree about the white space. The art adds fun to the streetscape. BTW, your Lenswork link has a typo.

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