Royko would have loved this company name

My late, great business partner Paul Royko heartily enjoyed the rare modesty he saw in an East End sign. Adequate Electric. Having worked for decades in ad agency creative departments, he was used to puffy superlatives. Who bills their work as “adequate”?

I remembered this today when I came across Toronto’s C Plus Roofing company. Royko would have smiled.


I happened upon the C Plus name while searching for information on a neighbourhood scourge who plasters unlawful signs everywhere. I was pleased to find Dubbins Discount Roofing has a review rating of ZERO.

Danica and I managed to peel one of Dubbins’ gaudy yellow eyesores from a hydro pole today and I have been able to remove at least a couple of his coroplast signs, nailed high on telephone poles. I hope the city is fining him. His phone number is right on the signs, so he’s easy to track down.