Rosetta McClain Song Circle

Kathleen got us out for this lovely, laid-back event in Rosetta McClain Gardens this afternoon.

Do you see Kathleen and Danica, centre-screen in the background?

Ain’t this just how a public garden park should be used? All acoustic. Musicians were called to show up with their instruments and join in. They did some old time favourites like Ring of Fire, King of the Road and of course, Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

Slides, of course …

Wear a hat. This collector bag was hanging in a tree.

These little buggers carry Lyme disease and you don’t want that. Climate change has made our neck of the woods inviting for them.

2 thoughts on “Rosetta McClain Song Circle”

  1. The musician turn out was great, really appreciate the effort of Mr. Bass!
    There were lots of guitars, a couple ukuleles plus a banjo player was coming down the path as we were leaving. A lovely afternoon in a beautiful park. Glad you knew about it Kathleen.

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