Rembrandt in astonishing detail

This is a close-up of one of Rembrandt’s famous self portraits, followed by a zoom enlargement of one eye. We can all examine the masterpieces of Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum in more detail than we could by going there.

detail rembrandt-eye

Go try it for yourself. Check out Vermeer too, and some of the lesser known but still amazing masters of Dutch art.

yikesThe online collection now holds over 200,00 items and we can download them and use them as we wish! Want to make and sell T shirts or placemats or duvet covers emblazoned with art from the collection? Go for it. The museum invites you to use their materials on your own products, for free.

Not only that, you can organize and manipulate your own gallery with the Rijksstudio page.

Instructions show what we can do. Imagination paralyzed by so much choice? Be inspired by what other people have made.