Refreshing simplicity and dedication

Friend John McCready was born in Burundi, the son of missionary parents. He grew up in North America, though, made a success of himself and got to a stage in life where he began to think about the land of his birth. It could use some help but he knew better than to charge in like some know-it-all white guy.

John flies over, on his own dime, to see how projects are going.

A few years ago, John used a modest amount of personal money and a lot of personal ability as a people-organizer to start some grassroots projects. He has been rigorous, sticking to his principle that the projects be Burundian, not his.

The website is simple and the pictures little (to keep bandwidth demands low) but you might find it refreshing to see how people are making small, sustainable businesses, educating themselves and working together. A little can do a lot.

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