Professional graphics abound

This sharp little announcement arrived in my email today, much larger and more impressive. I reduced it to fit here. Even small, I think you can appreciate the smart design.

Clean, readable and beautifully composed, it even has a subtle aesthetic touch, in the central panel’s show-through of tree shapes. Made for a little neighbourhood association with very limited financial resources!

Peter Sever and I were marvelling the other day, about how we can do things now … photography, typography, video, audio … that not so long ago required ad agencies, studios, artists, writers, technicians, and deep pockets.

Knowing WHAT to do continues to require some training and/or talent. My example looks like the work of a Beach Hill volunteer who may work in graphic arts. But even the amateur eye has become more discerning, as digital tools have proliferated. All of us, now, have  been forced to pay attention to how things look.

Oh, and that’s the point of the poster, too. I’d better get out there and help keep our streets looking good. A lot of litter lurking under the snow has made its annual reappearance.


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