Worth sharing, not only for its stop-motion animation, which I like a lot, but for the ideas considered.

Is anyone unaffected by these issues, if not personally, through friends and family?

Limitations of antidepressant drugs, and other medicines for mental distress, have been described to me many times by people who have taken them. If they save lives in a crisis, they are obviously useful, but there seem to be no magic bullets.

Another idea that resonated for me was recognition that medical metaphors for mental “illness” can slip into being taken literally.

2 thoughts on “Ponderable”

  1. RD Laing wrote ” The politics of experience and the bird of paradise” among other books which questioned the psychiatric views of the time. I was pretty impressed at the time but in retrospect I think he was wrong about a lot of things. His view was that much mental illness was as a result of upbringing and experience whereas nowadays people are much more interested in genetics and medical mechanisms. I think twin studies had a big influence here.

  2. We are on the same wavelength, Crawf. I value RD Laing’s skepticism about psychiatric orthodoxies of his time and his willingness to present alternative points of view, but that doesn’t mean he was right, either.

    It seems to me that we still have plenty to learn about human mental states. We still have to cope with problems we don’t understand, so I think it’s useful to be reminded that our drugs are still relatively crude tools and that metaphors are descriptors, not verifiable scientific observations.

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