Poking around Pied à Terre

Meet Patrick, retired U.S. Navy guy, proprietor (along with his Canadian wife) of a nifty antiques and collectibles shop in Leslieville on Queen East. He’s easy to chat with and has an above average stash of treasures to dig through.

  The decorated doorway lured me downstairs from the street into quite a large, low-ceilinged space. Pools of light reveal tableaus of intriguing objects. An hour could pass quickly in there.

One eye-stopper is a large, painted horse. It’s from Texas and Patrick shared an undocumented rumour that it may have been in the movie musical Carousel. He’s only had it a couple of weeks but wouldn’t mind keeping it around as a signature piece.

I didn’t ask about the Pied à Terre name and the Parisian theme expressed in many signs and objects. Does Patrick’s wife have a French Canadian heritage, perhaps? I’ll ask next time I visit.