Playing at food photography

Lori called to me from the restaurant door as I passed. Could I take some food photos for the Budapest Restaurant website?


Now that everybody shoots dinners for Facebook, why not? How things have changed since the days when advertisers spent small fortunes hiring teams of photographers, art directors and food stylists!

My efforts (above) would never have cut the mustard back then, but today they’ll do the trick. I hope everything looks good enough to eat, because the food is delicious. I ate the pierogi as my reward and had a coffee milkshake for dessert.

Handheld Sony WX350 point-and-shoot camera, available light. Yes, Photoshop too, for cropping, sharpening and adjusting.

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As photography becomes easier, it is also becoming harder. Copyright rules in Germany now allow chefs to ban photography of the dinner you buy! [Story link]

4 thoughts on “Playing at food photography

  1. while I deplore the way people photograph their food these days, this is a bit different, so nice job, Bill. Who was the food stylist?

  2. Wow, copyrights on plated food! Now when we take our treasured tourist shots we will have to pixelate the plates instead of the people. Funny…

  3. Great job. The white plates and tablecloth ensure that the food is always hero and that the colours and textures of the delicious looking items just pop. Also, I like the use of full depth of field rather than the trendy short-depth look.

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