Pape Avenue had its glory days

Yesterday, Danica and I spotted a grand old home we had not noticed before.


If the plaque is hard to read, here are the highlights. The home was built for an English emigrant butcher named Harris who, in 1861, founded the Harris Abattoir Company, eventually to become Canada Packers. He called it Cranfield House after the ancestral village of his wife Caroline.

The house was built in 1902 by architect Henry Simpson. In 1930, the family turned the place over the the Salvation Army which used it as a social aid centre for the next 75 years.

Cranfield House appears to be unoccupied now. It could use some TLC and a bit of landscaping. Located at 450 Pape Avenue, it’s still a fine old building and a somewhat eccentric mix of styles … Flemish gables and tall chimneys in the Queen Anne Revival style with Edwardian Classical porches and windows.

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