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Ignorance fees

I don’t know how much I pay in Ignorance Fees every year. Hundreds, for sure. Maybe thousands. In some cases I can get a precise number. $29.99 plus tax. The government taxes ignorance.

Last year, I paid to add SSL protection to my blog (the little padlock icon by the URL), to secure subscribers’ email addresses. I knew that I could get it free, but didn’t want to take the time to figure out how.

So this year, I planned to learn and let the SSL certificate expire. It started throwng warnings into visitor’s browsers. Remove it? Yes, but how?

I opened a chat with Hostpapa support. Great. They’ll remove the expired certificate. Oh, would I like to have SSL for free?

Well, duh. Why was I paying for it?

Sad news for Beach Hill

Shocking news of the unexpected death of Brian Chapman of UK Sailmakers just arrived in the Beach Hill Blast, our local email newsletter.

A place where sails are made and repaired is called a loft and having one on our retail strip has been a source of pride for years. Brian’s wife Donna has been an important asset in the Beach Hill neighbourhood Association, too.

This is a very saddening loss. Sincere sympathy to Donna and Brian’s family and friends.

Lunch in the Bazaar today

Hakka Wow. Brian, Peter and I ordered too many dishes (4) when 3 would have been plenty, but all were delicious.

Lollipop Chicken, Crispy Beef, Shrimp Chop Suey Noodles and Garlic Chicken Pakora. The Hakka menu is Indo-Chinese fusion and the restaurant is Halal, so no beer. No coffee, either. Water, soft drinks or green tea.

Food: Nicely spicy, served hot. Service: Warm and friendly. Room temperature: Chilly.

We were the only ones in the place at lunch hour and our guess is that lack of heat might be the reason. We would definitely go again, but in warmer weather.

Who’s counting?

Why OVER 729 instead of the rounder, shorter, simpler 730? Odd numbers seem more precise, more credible, more important.

Our brains breathe in these particles of bamboozlement without our even noticing. They are tiny, but they’re everywhere and constant.

Tomorrow’s weather, today.

Photo by Visnja

Danica is sending shots via Dropbox. Sure looks like Sydney’s summer suits her.

This is interesting … Earthlings see the Moon in the same phase in Toronto and Sydney, but the lit side is flipped. In Toronto, the bright side is on the right.

Danica is well positioned to see the full lunar eclipse, visible for hours in Sydney on January 31/February 1. A pretty good partial eclipse should happen on Canada’s west coast, too. Heads up, Anna and Thorne.

Three Aussie boots

You are looking at one big Blundstone boot, acting as a sign over the Queen Street East Corso shoe store. You are not seeing the two I was standing in when I took the photo.

Coming up short of my 10,000 steps the other day, I took my Blunnies out for an evening top-up. How many times have I passed the big boot in daylight without noticing? The lighting works.

Danica asked me on FaceTime where I would go that evening. A real estate agency is sponsoring a “Light Up the Beach” festooning of 15 bare-branched trees with strings of bulbs.

My concern that it would be Las Vegas tacky was quickly soothed. I found only one group of 3 trees that had been given the treatment … down by the boardwalk, near the Leuty life station.

Rain relief from Down Under

Danica takes a ferry to downtown Sydney, where she is on a vacation-visit to her cousin Visnja. Those of you who follow Danica on Facebook will recognize the shot. It’s her current profile pic.

Must admit, it looks nicer than our grey skies in Toronto. At least our snow has been rained off, for a while, at least.