Rock in a hard place

I admire this gate every time I pass it. I have taken many photos of it and then misplaced them. Today … ta dahhh!

Gate between buildings, north side of Kingston Road, a little west of Victoria Park. Artist unknown

The stone is held together with metal staples, the way broken plates and pottery were repaired in the past.

Materials invite comparison with major piece of public art in Calgary: Bowfort Towers

We No North

Coxwell Avenue northbound lanes are closed for renovation of the railway bridge. Disruption will continue at least until late November.

Alternative Greenwood and Woodbine routes are going to be crazy.

If the Woodbine bike lanes survive through this, they are here to stay. Pressure to tear them out will be intense … or maybe frustrated commuters will turn to cycling. Just kidding.

Bus riders are put on notice
Move to the other side, pedestrians.
Must admit, the bridge is due. Even taggers don’t like it much.

Flying Pony time travel

Spotify time travel (post below) goes only one way, into the past. The Flying Pony map goes both ways.

The Flying Pony map in its earliest stage of development

Uncountable events are recorded on the map of mythical Gerald Street. Now, many of them are honoured with new, engraved plaques. First, examples of travel to past events:

The Etobicoke Explorer Mission at the turn of the century was a significant breakthrough in East Toronto/West Toronto relations, but that was long ago. How about this Self driving car event that happens next year!

Self driving car released & never found 2020

Spotify time travel

[UPDATE] Time travel has its bugs. Spotify caused a lot of TV freezes. Not recommended until I know more about the problem. [Solved this way]

iPad photo of our Mac-driven TV screen

To accompany our dinner at Rob and Lisa’s house, Rob created a CKLW 1968 Top Songs playlist on Spotify. Today, he shared the list online and Danica is over the moon.

We put the Spotify app on our Mac-connected TV set. Danica donned the Sennheiser headphones and danced her way wirelessly into the kitchen. She has rings on her fingers, no bells on her toes, yet she can have music wherever she goes.

For love of the colours

Danica and I went over to Gerrard Art Space before the crowd showed up for the Just Do It Group Show reception. We had decided to put a red dot on a painting by Suzanne Robitaille.

Through the Back Window by Suzanne Robitaille. 2019, acrylic on canvas, 24″x18″

I had hoped to meet the artist at the reception, but that didn’t happen before I had to leave. Maybe another opportunity will present itself.

Meanwhile, we are delighted with our purchase and look forward to bringing it home when the show ends on June 23rd.

For the Love of Colour Show until June 23rd. Wednesday – Sunday. 2pm to 7pm, 1475 Gerrard St E.
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