Kensington Market and the Bazaar

Bill Byres and I did a bento-box-on-Bloor lunch and then a walk through Kensington Market to see the latest paint. Two places are bringing second operations to the east side, welcome additions the the Gerrard Bazaar strip.

Bill Byres with a buddy in the Market

Via Mercanti, the Neapolitan pizza restaurant has already  been a hit for quite a while, so I snapped a picture of the yellow Kensington mothership. Sanagan’s Meat Locker has leased space on Gerrard and will open early in the new year.

 Did you read the awning on the Hot Box? Slide 5. Laid-back Kensington is ready for July, 2018.

A Barnes Collection recollection

When the Barnes Collection came to the Art Gallery of Ontario in the 1990s, it was billed as a blockbuster event and the ad agency where I worked was promoting it. Copywriter Paul Royko and I were among the employees who got a tour of the exhibit before it opened to the public.

This Cezanne was one of the masterpieces the guide spent some time on. The Card Players, 1890—1892

Our hushed group was listening attentively when Creative Director John Speakman’s knees suddenly buckled. He fell forward, choking on stifled laughter, squeaking, “Get away from me!”

Royko had leaned in and whispered into Speakman’s ear, “I’ve seen the original, with the dogs.”

Now your Barnes tour awaits …

The collection has been digitized and placed online, for all to enjoy.

Len is off to Carlaw

I was surprised to see the Lens Work Photo Art sign covered up by Hamsa Heaven. Two questions. Where is Len? What is Hamsa Heaven? (Do I get points for not saying “What the hell?”)

The window poster provides an answer (sort of) to the second question, although I’m not sure what some of those things are. Maybe if I follow the link.

Apparently Len has taken his photo art to better studio space on Carlaw Avenue, so his move isn’t temporary. He hasn’t gone far away, and he leaves behind a colourful legacy in the way of Alex “Runt” Currie‘s  mural coverage.

1600 Gerrard Street East at Rhodes Avenue. One block west of Coxwell


The Punch Bowl, plus

I think we found the Punch Bowl, as it was once called, when it was a picnic and tipple stop on the old golf course that once covered Beach Hill.

Brush and small trees that screened this ravine section from Highcroft Road have been cleared, so we noticed the pathway down the bowl-shaped depression to a bit of Small’s Creek at the bottom.

This is the same Small’s Creek that has bedevilled rebuilders of our local No Frills supermarket.

At present, crews are using a giant screw to pipe liquid concrete deep into the muck, presumably to provide a firm footing for the new No Frills to come. The No Frills parking lot backs onto Highcroft.

But I digress …

When I stopped to take the No Frills mud pit shot, the driver of the complimentary shuttle to the Carlaw No Frills beckoned me with open door. When I explained that I wasn’t riding, just taking a picture, he obliged with a pose of mock horror.

Meanwhile, back at the creek …

Slide show along the the Newbold Avenue Ravine

Danica found an opening shot using Google Street View, to show the steps we expected to use on our way home. Instead we found a nice surprise.

Man of Letters

This is one of the photos I took of friend and author John Robert Colombo when he visited the other day with his wife Ruth and poet-painter Suparna Ghosh. The photos will be for the back cover of a 5 volume set, Notebooks of John Robert Colombo, soon to be published.

I took the shot in colour, of course, but I like the black and white look. It’s been fiddled with in Photoshop, for a depth-of-field effect. The location is our back yard.