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Comic relief

I just read an online news item, about a waitress who gave a plate of free food to a starving man who had asked for a glass of water. Readers’ comments poured out praise. Such amazing kindness! What a rare and wonderful thing!

W.C. Fields displays similar virtue, recounting the remarkable act that earned him the nickname “Honest John”.

Memory Lane

Toronto does have a Memory Lane, you know …

We also have a Busy Street … that isn’t.

And Beach Hill has Love Crescent. (No parking?)

But that’s not what this post is about. My Memory Lane is below, in this little video.

A couple of years ago, a Craigslist ad offered “antique” graphic art tools. “Antique? what do you mean antique?” That’s the stuff I used at work every day.

Back to BAM!

Ian and I decided to try again, when they were open. IE, not on a Monday.

Although there were a variety of specialty breakfasts on offer (eggs with salmon instead of bacon, for example), we stuck with the basic 3 small poached eggs, toast, hash browns and crispy bacon. 8 bucks. All arrived in a timely manner, exactly as you’d expect. Nothing special, nothing bad.

The most notable feature … walls of bright comic book, superhero graphics. Fun. Otherwise, it’s similar to other all-day-breakfast reliables along Queen East, like the Tulip, Mars and the Sunset Grill.

I realized where I was as soon as we squeezed into the rather cramped booth, perched on a little riser. The last time I sat in that booth, years ago, the place was called Bow Thai. Forget the booths. Choose a table.

Wheezyrider: East of India

3 minutes. Pause where you like.
Part 3 of the slide shows on Wheezyrider.com that I am converting from the deprecated Flash format. Links to earlier parts, here.

These are segments of Peter Sever’s Round The World motorcycle trip, 2008-2010. The next one is a side trip to Vietnam, without Black Bike. (2.38 minutes) The Vietnamese do not permit such powerful motorcycles into their country.

2.38 minutes

Former restaurant to become office space

While I am happy that the building is going back into use, I feel a little sad that it will not be a restaurant any more. Beach Hill has other nice places to dine, but the corner seemed ideal for patio use.

I am told that someone had tried to revive the restaurant, but financing fell through. No word yet on what kind of offices will open, but the place is being emptied out, so it probably won’t be long before we know.

Is shallowness ever a good thing?

When trying on a pair of pants, don’t stop at making sure the waist size and leg length meet your needs. Put your hands into the pockets and make sure they are deep … generously deeper than your fully extended hand.

I could probably have bought two pairs of better pants, with all the change I’ve lost sitting in my shallow-pocketed pair. Learn and profit from my experience.