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Answer: 5 bucks

Finally got down to the new ice cream store at the intersection of Kingston Road and Queen East today. The decor is big on asking, “What’s the scoop?” and I soon found out. One scoop, 5 dollars plus taxes, $5.65.

I am not an ice cream connoisseur, I just like the stuff and can’t say I’ve ever had bad ice cream. Is that even possible?

So my peppermint+chocolate-chips scoop seemed fine to me and I liked the waffle cone. Is 5 bucks the going rate for an ice cream cone? I haven’t a clue … but Brett’s will make a lot of money during the Beaches Jazz Festival (July 7–30)

Blockbuster bonus

The Art Gallery of Ontario is wisely using the crowd-pulling power of Georgia O’Keefe to introduce us to a less well-known Canadian artist. The long hallway leading to O’Keefe is lined with excellent drawings by Hamilton artist KM Graham (1913 – 2008).

I liked the work as soon as I saw it, but until that moment, I was unaware of Graham.

Anyway, I’m certainly happy that the AGO has introduced me to her work and I want to see more of it. The gallery’s Prints and Drawings Collection may be a good starting place.

KM Graham’s bio is listed in this database of Canadian women artists. I’m pleased to see that Helen Andersen is listed there. too.

Forever playing catch up

The Swag Sisters toy store in the Bazaar on Gerrard Street is a treasure for kids and their adults. It was one of the first enterprises bringing the street into its present renaissance, so my post is overdue, just on that count. Swag Sisters have already been swagging and thriving for years.

Demo: Flat shapes, combined correctly, snap to form a sphere.

The toys shown are MagFormers, magnetic shapes that teach kids about 3D forms in a fun way. Danica has already bought some, long ago, for our grand nephews, but they were new to me. See? Catching up.

A local grade school girl had come in and asked, “How many and what shapes do I need to make a dodecahedron?”

“Dod…do… dodeka … whatcha? I can’t even say it,” said the Swag Sister.

The place is jam-packed with ideas and sound advice. They sell ice cream, too!

Five lawyers and a real estate agent

The heading sounds like an opening to one of those jokes, doesn’t it? A priest, a rabbi and an atheist were sitting in a bar …

… but there really are 5 lawyers and a real estate agent with office space in the newly renovated building at the foot of Beach Hill, on Upper Gerrard near Coxwell.

When I stuck my head in the door to say hello, the greeting was warm. A lady lawyer said to me, as she headed down the hall, “Come in and make a will!”

I must be looking my age.

Thieving cable company

I don’t blame Ted Rogers for plagiarizing Shakespeare*. Ted’s dead. Some flack working for his much-maligned cable company is probably responsible. I’ve always thought it appropriate that the Rogers logo looks like a sphincter.

Maybe Ted actually did say those words, but if that’s the way quotations are attributed, I would like to get some credit, too.


–– Bill Andersen


I’ll tell you about the beginning, and if you find that interesting you can see the end. The best is yet to come, and they’re going to perform it right here.

Mystery tree in bloom

A big poster at the Georgia O’Keefe show reminded Danica of blossoms she’d seen recently, so we went to find them today.

Slide show

Can anyone tell us the name of the tree? The blossoms are certainly big and plentiful … not quite the same as O’Keefe’s, but very nice in their own right.

 The front yard tree is on Gerrard Street East, near Alton.