Abby, Queen of Keewatin Avenue, speaks …


“Everyone knows that the one true purpose of the internet is to display cat pictures. You may ignore all other posts, this is the one that matters. Naturally, as current monarch, my picture appears first, but only to introduce the timeless images of my two outstanding predecessors, Bonzai and Katie (featured doing her upside-down thing in a photo that is Danica’s favourite).”


Photos by Court Photographer Brian Hickey


Oh, THAT mail …

When John Robert said he was mailing a couple of pages from the New Yorker to me, I wondered why they never arrived. Today, they did … in the mailbox on our porch. It didn’t occur to me that John might use stamps.

I thought they’d come this way:

How mail has changed. Remember when we hyphenated and even capitalized E-mail, to differentiate it from real, regular mail? Now the electronic version is top dog and we have to say snail mail when we mean the paper kind.


Buying into a new economy

jargonsMoney is not what’s needed to get a lot of great products and services on the internet these days. They’re free. The price of admission is know-how.

I am building a brand new WordPress theme to change the look and functionality of this blog. WordPress is free software that I can download and run on my own server … even on my own computer, without internet, if I wish. Even the hosting can be free, if you want to keep your learning to a minimum. Your freedom to do some things will be minimized too, but that’s the new economy. Trade-offs.

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For a good time, call

This isn’t an ad, it’s a thank-you note to Anna and Thorne. They subscribed me for a month to online tutorials and I’ve been romping through all kinds of lessons.


For $US 25.00 you get access to thousands of well-made courses, not only teaching software, but more and more, a wide range of subjects.

I focussed especially on the inner workings of WordPress, tweaking themes to control the appearance and functionality of this blog. Tempting side trips to courses on marketing, creativity, photography, drawing, painting, video editing and music have been irresistible.

What a ton of fun. What a great birthday present!


Laughably linked

Maybe the Conservatives tried to suppress this video for a while, but it’s easily available now. I got it via a Facebook page and a Google search turns it up in several Youtube locations.

Anyway, if Harper’s PMO doesn’t like us to remember Harper’s circle of friends, all the more reason to keep it going. Ford and Hudak gone, Harper next, I earnestly hope.

Beach Winter Stations are a fun idea


We stole the idea from Winnipeg and put out a call for design entries. The challenge was to build something interesting over lifeguard towers that stand unused all winter. About 200 applications poured in. Five towers got the treatment, attracting lots of people who wouldn’t normally see the beach at this time of year.

It’s nice down there (and would be even nicer if off-leash dogs were kept in their designated area while the stations are up). Next year, our local councillor hopes to have all 13 lifeguard towers done up.