Laughably linked

Maybe the Conservatives tried to suppress this video for a while, but it’s easily available now. I got it via a Facebook page and a Google search turns it up in several Youtube locations.

Anyway, if Harper’s PMO doesn’t like us to remember Harper’s circle of friends, all the more reason to keep it going. Ford and Hudak gone, Harper next, I earnestly hope.

Beach Winter Stations are a fun idea


We stole the idea from Winnipeg and put out a call for design entries. The challenge was to build something interesting over lifeguard towers that stand unused all winter. About 200 applications poured in. Five towers got the treatment, attracting lots of people who wouldn’t normally see the beach at this time of year.

It’s nice down there (and would be even nicer if off-leash dogs were kept in their designated area while the stations are up). Next year, our local councillor hopes to have all 13 lifeguard towers done up.

Thanks, Sue

Years of toil in advertising have left me a reflexive observer of bumpf. When this Ontario government transit poster amused me, Sue snapped a photo and emailed it.

What made me laugh? The last career entry. Skip through the list and just read it this way:



Ruth Colombo’s latest book


Words on Parole is a book of poetry, the sequel to her earlier Concurrent Life Sentences, by our friend and author Ruth Colombo.

I got to do the cover, working with a portrait of the writer that Ruth has always liked. It was a black and white photo that needed Photoshop repairs to cracks and some interesting but unwanted artefacts of the developing process. The only creative touch I could think to add were the title’s words “released” from the background, on parole, you see.

Ruth’s poems are witty, wide-ranging, frank, insightful, personal and original. Author/husband John Robert Colombo gives a good summary, here.