Fashion story

As I was admiring sun-dappled DeGrassi Street in Riverdale, I began to wonder …


… what was attracting long-stemmed, attractive young women to the side door of that building? I went around front to Queen Street, to look at the handsome former Bank of Commerce.


Aha! The old bank is the business home of Stephan Caras, designer of women’s clothing. Not every fashion story is glamorous. Models, go around back, please.

Good move, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

The headline reads: TSO Taps Adrian Fung for New Role as Vice-President of Innovation


The last time Danica and I saw Adrian, he was delivering a magnificent cello performance on a very special occasion. His sister-in-law Bo Yon Koh was earning her doctoral performance degree at the U of T Faculty of Music’s Walter Hall. Adrian and his wife Min-Jeong Koh (Bo’s sister) accompanied her piano performance.

Danica and I were familiar with Min’s outstanding ability with the violin. She is a professional, playing with the Cecelia String Quartet. We were introduced to her work by our friend Jolanta Hickey … who also happens to be Min’s mentor.

So we feel connected to this latest story of accomplishment by Adrian Fung. We were blown away by his cello performance and we know that he will be a major asset to the TSO in his new, executive role. He and Min are charming, delightful people who have worked very hard and very intelligently to achieve all that they have achieved. They’re young, with much more to contribute.

Political charm

It’s always a friendly place to visit, but today the Merchants of Green Coffee crowd seemed particularly pleasant. Servers and customers smiled at me and chatted easily. “Hmmm,” I thought. “Nice crowd on Sundays.”


When I got up to leave and offered my table to a group standing close by, a young woman said “Thank you, and Oh! I love your badge!” Suddenly I understood why all the good vibes had been coming my way.

Jilly’s: Topless no more

The back view offers the best shot of the new top going onto the famous/infamous former strip club at Broadview and Queen. (Never thought of that before … Broadview and Queen …😐)

Jilly’s is now modestly draped in black construction cloth on the main street facings, undergoing transformation into a boutique hotel.


I am glad the old building is being restored. It has character as well as history.

It wasn’t always a strip club. Danica and I actually went in there with friends once, over 3 decades ago, when it was a fairly down-market dive called Kickers, or something.

One of the wives in our party came back from the powder room moaning unhappily and rubbing her head. Another woman in the bathroom, a complete stranger, had disliked some casual remark, grabbed our friend’s purse and banged her on the head with it. It was that sort of place.

Superheroes, all

Toronto Marathon

Last year, Danica and I happened to be on the Lakeshore with our bicycles when the elite runners appeared at the 30 Km mark, far ahead of the pack. They were impressive, no question.


This year I arrived at the same spot (Coxwell and Lakeshore), but much later. Those marathoners impressed me, too.

Some showed humour in their costumes as well as determination to run the distance. Some physiques were heavier than ideal for the challenge and some bodies were slowing down with age, but they were pressing on. Bravo, every one of you!

Some free fun

I watched this free course on Udemy and discovered for making personalized photo quotes.


Halloween is coming up, so you might have use for free photos from Stockvault. Add terrifying messages to your pictures with and email them to your victims.


The neat thing about is that you can size and colour your text, change the font and best of all, drag your words to exactly where you want them. Online, no software needed.

Hoping for a minority government

By now, I hope everyone has heard Hurricane Hazel sweeping away another Harper lie.

I also hope that the Liberal surge doesn’t wash us overboard into another majority government. Sure, Harper has to go, but wouldn’t it be good to have a minority government … Liberal or NDP … that we can look at for a couple years before we hand anyone serious power?