Excuse the colourful language

Interesting that the guy really doesn’t know what to make of it at first. Does he even like it? He seems unsure, then amazed and pleased.

I think of the first reactions when Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel paintings were cleaned. Many were appalled and declared the colours garish and cartoonish. They thought the restorers had ruined the masterpieces by removing original glazes.

Historians have wondered how today’s tourists would react if they saw the frieze on the Parthenon painted, as is was originally, in bright colours. Tacky or delightful?

How about the “real” world, colour-enanced by LSD or magic mushrooms? Better? Or is there any comparison, since other cognitive abilities are also altered?

More about the glasses, here.

Budapest Restaurant: Close to open …

It’s tempting to say that Beach Hill’s new Canadian-Hungarian restaurant is so close to open we can taste it, but no. We can’t yet, but today the newspaper was off the windows, revealing furniture in place. Any time now.


Danica and I had plans to take a friend to lunch at the Budapest on Friday, but those plans have been shifted to next week. Other locals will be customers before us.

There are still some touch-ups to do. If paint is required, we spotted one solution on today’s walk …


As contributor of the winning entry for the Beach Hill naming contest 3 years ago, I take special interest in signs that the name has staying power. The first Beach Hill business was a dog walking service. Now we have a Beach Hill Pub, a Beach Hill Restaurant, Beach Hill condo residences under construction and a Beach Hill painting service.

New data reveals naming error

Stunningly sharp photos of the icy dwarf indicate that we may have erred, not only when we classified Pluto as a planet, but when we named it.


Difficult as it may be to accept, this is the way science progresses. New facts create new propositions, pushing older conventions aside. Good bye Pluto, hello Snoopy. Clearly a much better fit than the old idea.

Snoopy overlay courtesy of National Andersen Space Administration

Clever iron deficiency solution

Even the strictest vegetarian can cook with the Lucky Iron Soup Fish.

Of course, the lucky fish shape isn’t necessary. Any chunk of clean cast iron would do the trick. Even cooking in cast iron pots and pans will add iron to the diet.

I bet Danica can add information, from the dietitian’s point of view. Comment, Danica? I do note that the video clearly says you need other sources of iron in your daily diet, too. The Lucky Iron Soup Fish is a supplement.

A beautiful work in progress

The Leslie Street Spit has to be one of the best ideas Toronto ever had. Built entirely out of clean fill from construction debris, it has been allowed to green itself naturally.


Work on the Spit continues, as more fill is added and new trails and ponds are shaped. Danica is helping.

The Spit is open to hikers and cyclists on weekends, when dump trucks and heavy equipment are safely at rest. Today was an absolutely perfect summer day and yet it wasn’t too crowded.

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