Jeff Mann masks

I picked a few from the many masks now on display at the Flying Pony Gallery. I thought I’d show examples close-up, since you can see and hear more about them in this video.

I tested the Pony’s wifi while there. Pretty nice, so I am touting it, too.


A sign on the wall says:

Jeff creates these beautiful masks by using recycled car parts, old shovels, propane tanks and metallic found objects. He lets each piece talk to him and creates a unique art piece from the detritus of the modern industrial age.

Jeff lives in Kingston, Ontario and has his studio in a converted shipping container.

The one below is a portrait, easily identified by the hair and moustache, but tagged in case you need help. Very modestly priced objects, well and imaginatively crafted.


Danica interviews Helen Andersen

Pardon the low resolution. I found this rare bit of video during some hard drive maintenance this rainy/snowy day.


Helen was speaking about her painting Salt Woman and the Hero Twins, one of 3 pieces she had printed as lithographs. Danica may be able to pin down the date. Early 1990s?

I digitized the analogue tape years ago, for the web resolutions of the time. Looks as though I should dig it out and try for HD.


Queen of Rock & Soul

There was a pretty good reaction to my fan post about Eva Cassidy, so here’s another female singer I really like. Eva is no longer with us but Shakura S’Aida sure is! She’s based in Toronto, tours extensively and puts on a great show.

Song starts at 1:40 if you can’t wait.

I first saw Shakura performing on Queen Street East, on the sidewalk in front of a store, doing her thing for the Beaches Jazz Festival. No fancy staging or lighting or sound systems, just pure talent. She had the crowd in the palm of her hand.

Most of the Youtube offerings are live videos that don’t do justice to S’Aida’s thrilling voice, but they do convey her charismatic personality. She’s a vivacious, sexy, gifted artist I think everybody should know about.

Here’s a song I got from Shakura’s the woman who puts the X in Xmas, in the rather suggestive Be My Santa Claus.

Green Eggplant hikes up Queen

Don’t worry, big eaters, the old location has been abandoned but your large portions and bathtub-size cocktails have just moved a couple of blocks east to Queen East and Wheeler, across from the library. Hard to miss, with that yellow, eh?


I am just assuming that the oversize helpings will continue at the new location. If you don’t fancy carrying a doggy bag after dinner, consider splitting a meal with a friend. My guess is you’ll both be satisfied, but if not, there’s always dessert.

BHNA founder passes the torch

Reporter Joanna Lavoie has written a good summary of Kate Tennier’s accomplishments as founder of the Beach Hill neighbourhood Association. I was pleased to see the recognition when I opened our copy of the Beach Mirror local newspaper.


Kate started the BHNA about 5 years ago. It turned out that there was a lot of community spirit waiting to be tapped and organized, but a leader was needed to focus it. The write-up is available online.

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