Colombo attempts the impossible

self-scrift-bill-web-blog The blurb says:
Self-Schrift consists of commentaries on all the books written, compiled, edited, and translated by John Robert Colombo. Here the prolific author and editor offers commentaries – anecdotes, insights, appreciations, criticisms, ideas, theories, etc. – about all of the 230 titles that he has published over the last half century.

Of course, JRC will never document all of his books, because he keeps writing more of them. That’s great for me, because I enjoy designing the covers.

Boardwalk Beat

When the morning rain cleared off, a walk to the Silverbirch end of the Beach Boardwalk seemed appealing. Windy, but a warm wind. The sun was popping in and out from clouds, making a good show in the sky. Hmmm, new timbers in the boardwalk. Nice.

I noticed something moving out on a rocky island breakwater. There were many off-leash dogs on the shore. Had one made a little swim? What a minute. That’s not a dog.

I love our library system


Over the past decade, I have subscribed to, given and received gift certificates to her huge bank of tutorials and gained access through purchase bonuses for expensive software. Money well spent.

Now I can learn as much as I want, whenever I want, just by entering my library card number? What a gift!

It’s one more example of the way TPL keeps up with the times. Is there any other public service that compares?

Completed the circle today

For some time, I have been wanting to do this bicycle ride, but wasn’t sure how it would go. I think it’s around 20 km. By starting at the top, most of the ride is down hill. Next time, with Danica.


In today’s slides you’ll find two gigantic planters that look like bears to me. I have always liked the big sculptures but at first I didn’t understand that they are Elevated Wetlands … containers for trees and shrubs. The “heads” are, in fact, water spouts. Healthy trickles were spilling from them, from one into the other and then to the ground.

 Riding along Taylor Creek to the Don River is quite easy. I got to see the Chester Hill Lookout from below and rode under the Prince Edward Viaduct instead of standing on top of it as I did yesterday. I passed the Merchants of Green Coffee shop, but it was on the wrong side of the river. Rather than lug my bike up stairs to the Queen Street bridge, I stayed on course and went home for lunch.

Chester Hill Lookout

Summer temperatures returned today, so I took the opportunity to scout out a view of the Don Valley from a unique vantage point at the end of Chester Hill Road [Map]

  The slides start with the pleasant, but fairly typical residential street that leads to the lookout point. My photos don’t do justice to the view.

From Chester Hill, I walked down to the Danforth and out to the middle of the viaduct, to compare the view from there. The last slide seems like a natural ending … it is the suicide prevention rigging disguised as a work of art. I still have not learned to appreciate it.

Below, you see a “pano” shot I made with my iPad. First time I tried the feature.


The iPad Camera app has a panorama mode for shooting landscapes too wide to fit in a single frame. People often take a series of stills for such views and “stitch” them together seamlessly. The iPad does it on the fly. You start shooting at the left end of your scene in “pano” mode and slowly pan right until you’ve covered the view. Then you click “stop”. Voila! There’s a panorama view in your Photos collection.

Dabbling at


I remember standing in my front yard on a sunny day, many years ago, when this thought popped into my noggin. It seemed the sort of thing that someone might have said, so I searched extensively, to no avail.

Maybe I just thought it. I agree with its sentiment.

John Robert Colombo has the authority to settle the matter. He has compiled so many books of quotations he has been called the “Canadian Bartlett”. JRC says I can have it, since nobody else seems to own it. I’ll give it back, if anyone can show me a source.